This class is for you that need a refill of the methids from the world of musc improvisations and the theatre. 

WHERE In a large room

WHO  All Groups, musical and theatre based ensmebles

TEACHER: Eline Sundal and Ida Løken 

BOOKING. / 0047 45285441


NOK 15.000,- for two days course.


This worksop is for all of you that want to have a good laugh and get physically warm and energiced.. You will perform like you never though you could, and make sounds you never thought your body could produce.

All together we want you to explore the releasing power of music and language. The course is run by myself and my colleague and actor Ida Løken – that has a particular muscícal approach to her textual work.

Amongst the methods we use are the Suzuki drama exercises, soundpainting, Total vocal technique and other exercises within the world of musical improvisastion and phsysical theatrical work.

 There are many exercises of this course that I will keep with me in the work of acting! I am looking forward to using this work in the festival..

Marte from the second class of the Polarsirkelen college

I have never had the nerve to sing in front of other people, but I forgot about it since we did so many weird exercices and games!

Stine from the second class of the Polarsirkelen college


This course is in the method of  "Soundpainting" - a live compositional tool and conducting method through improvistion for musicians dansers and actors.


WHO:  Choirs

WHERE: In an open space such as city hall og gymnastic space

TEACHER: Eline Sundal

BOOKING: / 45285441

PRICES: NOK 6000,- for a weakend saturday to sunday from  kl 10:00 am till 16:00pm


As an improvising musicans with singing as a second instrument, this class is designed for choral ensembles and choirs. Amongst the things we focus on in this class are:  Rhtymical work, Sound and intonation, Chordal structures and more.

Improvisation is a centerpiece in this work where I introduce the method of soundpainting. Soundapainting is a live compositional conducting method for structuring live improvisations and was founded by the amarican Walter Thompson in 1974. The method is ecpesially suited for all ensmebles that want to create and explore the language of free improvisation, but is also very well suited for exercising the spontanuous musical language.

Sound painting is the live composing sign language created in 1974 by New York composer Walter Thompson for musicians, dancers, actors, poets, and visual artists. At present, the Soundpainting language comprises more than 1200 gestures that are signed by the composer/director, known as the Soundpainter, indicating the type of material desired of the performers. 

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It is important that the conductor of the choir is present at the workshop in order for this tool to be established and available within the choir.







10 lessons á 30 minutes - NOK 4000,-

BOOKING: / 0047 45285441


Throughout my work as a teacher for the cultural schools in Norway, I set up a junior department at the Bodø cultural school in 2008. Throughout this work, I used the method of colorstrings. This method and teaching is written and developed by the Szilvay brothers in Helsinki – Finland.

Through a strong visual language of four colors for each string and symbols connected to a one line system, the books are written for the cello and the violin. They take the child through a world of much fun through singing, clapping, dansing and playing.

The method is very effective for pre-school preperations when it comes down to writing symbols and composing their own music.

I invite children to join groups or come for individual lessons. You are welcome to contact me for available teaching  and lessons this autumn.







WHO -  All ages

WHERE - private teaching venue


10 lessons  60 minutter  kr 5.400,- 

10 lessons  40 inutter     Kr 4600,- 

Drop in sessions can be arranged.

BOOKING /  0047 45285441


In the traditional cello course I will take you through the standards of instrumental technigues. Wether you are a beginner or advanced you will 

  • Get to know your body with the instrument and explore the balance, weight and freedom of movement.
  • Learn how to read music, general music knowhow and aural training
  • Play with structures of the music through imrovisations
  • Learn a varied repertoar and chambermusic

Please contact me for available lessons this autumn.